This Chevy Commercial Will Warm the Hearts of Dog and Pet Lovers Everywhere

This Chevy Commercial Will Warm the Hearts of Dog Lovers.

Growing up with a pet is an experience you never forget because he/she becomes such a large part of your childhood. This Chevy commercial isn’t about cars but about how animals can be best friends for life and how their love is unconditional.

The ad is about the friendship of a girl and her Golden Retriever over the years and goes back in time to when she first picked her up as a puppy. It really shows us that pets really are the best friends you could ever have.


I had many pets growing up but I’ll never forget Fluffy, an adorable poodle that always cheered me up if I had a bad day at school. Pets can make such a difference in a child’s life and please share this touching video with your friends and family.

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