This Cat Is Wearing a Shark Costume and Rides a Roomba Just Because He Can. Yes, It’s Hilarious!

Max-Arthur the Cat Wearing a Shark Costume and Riding a Roomba.

It’s incredible how agile cats are. They seem to stay on balance whether it’s a cat riding a skateboard or a cat riding a Roomba. In this hilarious video, Max-Arthur is dressed up in a shark costume and just loves riding along on his human’s Roomba.

While dinner is getting ready, Max-Arthur decided to help out by cleaning the floors; however, he decided to let the floor cleaning robot do the dirty work while he enjoys the view. There is just something so relaxing about watching a cat riding a Roomba that I wouldn’t feel guilty watching this all day!

Watch Max-Arthur the cat wearing a shark costume (Roomba shark cat?) and cleaning the kitchen floors on a Roomba…


Max-Arthur the shark cat is far from being a dangerous great white shark but he is as cute as a button. Please share this funny and cute video of a cat riding a Roomba with your friends and family.

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