When You See the Moves This Dancer Performs on a Treadmill, It Will Funk You Up

Choreographer Carson Dean dances to "Uptown Funk" on a Treadmill.

I loved it when a teacher got his high school involved in an ‘Uptown Funk’ dance routine but never expected to see someone pull epic dance moves on a treadmill. Los Angeles choreographer and YouTuber Carson Dean performed an awesome treadmill dance set to Mark Ronson’s infectious hit ‘Uptown Funk’ featuring Bruno Mars.

While many people can barely get off a treadmill without falling, Dean makes it look easy by doing impressive dance moves while walking on a treadmill. At 1:02, he creates an awesome move I never thought would be possible on a treadmill!

Watch Carson Dean perform an Uptown Funk treadmill dance…


Not only is this impressive, it sure would be one awesome workout on a treadmill. As fun as this looks though, please do not try this at home as Carson Dean is a professional.

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