She Sings One of Simon Cowell’s Favorite Songs. His Reaction Surprises Everyone!

Caitlyn Vanbeck Rise Up Six Chair Challenge The X Factor UK 2016

If you’ve watched any of the talent shows that Simon Cowell has helped create, you know that he can be one of the toughest judges around. Getting praise from Simon Cowell can change a performer’s life and it meant so much to Darci Lynne and her incredible experience winning America’s Got Talent 2017.

This time, at The X Factor UK Six Chair Challenge, Caitlyn Vanbeck walks on stage and informs the judges that she’ll be singing Andra Day’s incredible song ‘Rise Up.’ It’s a challenging song and Caitlyn Vanbeck also learns that it’s one of Simon Cowell’s favorite songs of all time. She doesn’t let the pressure get to her and her performance leaves the audience and judges in awe.

Watch Caitlyn Vanbeck sing ‘Rise Up’, one of Simon Cowell’s favorite songs for the Six Chair Challenge at The X Factor UK 2016…


With her incredible vocal range, she is definitely born to sing. I personally can’t wait to see where her talent leads her and wish her much success. Visit Caitlyn Vanbeck’s Facebook page or YouTube channel for more updates on her career.

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