Bruce Springsteen Gets a Glimpse of His 90-Year-Old Mother Off Stage. Watch What He Does…

Bruce Springsteen Dances with His Mother On Stage.

Bruce Springsteen is an artist with continued successes but one of my favorite albums was ‘Born in the U.S.A.” which went on to sell over 15 million copies. One of my favorite songs off the album was ‘Dancing In The Dark’ and the video featured a then-unknown actress named Courtney Cox!

Since then, he has invited guests in the audience to dance to the song with him but at a performance in London, England he asked a very special lady to join him on stage. He went to get his mother, Adele and danced with her and the audience couldn’t stop cheering.

Watch Bruce Springsteen dancing with his mom at Olympic Park in London, England…


Bruce Springsteen is a class act all the way and I’m sure this brought his 90-year-old mother so much joy. Please share this epic performance of Bruce Springsteen dancing with his mom on stage with your friends and family.

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