Boater Gets Ready To Take a Selfie. He Gets The Best Photobomb Ever Instead!

Boater Takes Selfie With a Friendly Seal That Jumped in His Boat.

The ocean is filled with friendly animals like whales, dolphins, and seals just to name a few. It’s even more special when you get to share a rare moment with one.

That’s exactly what happened to one lucky boater when a seal jumped on his boat and cuddles up to his back. He took out his phone and filmed the seal sitting next to him and mentions, “Here’s my new friend.” Unlike this seal that wants a belly rub, he just wanted to spend time with this boater and cuddle up next to him.

Watch a man making a new friend with a seal that jumped on his boat…


This heartwarming moment illustrates just how much we should enjoy and embrace animals. They simply want to be loved, just like humans. Please share this beautiful video of a man making a new friend with a seal with your friends and family.

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