A Hunter Spots a Black Bear but Before He Has a Chance, the Bear Charges Towards Him!

Black Bear Charges Towards Hunter in Fire River, Ontario.

Black bears are abundant in Ontario, Canada with a reported 105,000 black bears in the province alone. To help ensure a sustainable population, the province reinstated the bear hunt from May 1 to June 15 until 2020 and hunters understand the risks of hunting bears.

One hunter, Richard Wesley was hunting with a bow near a logging road in Fire River, Ontario. With a GoPro camera capturing the video, we see a black bear slowly walking towards him. As he waits for the bear to get closer so he can take a shot, it starts charging towards him and you can almost feel the hunter’s fear in his voice.

Please note: video contains strong language.

Watch a black bear charge towards a hunter in Fire River, Ontario…


This incident could have been tragic but thankfully, the bear simply knocked him over and fled. In his video description, Wesley writes, “No wounds except a bruised elbow and ego where the bear threw me down. Genuinely happy that this was a non fatal or tragic outcome. Proving that the black bear is a wild and unpredictable animal. Again so happy with the outcome.”

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