A Photographer Spent over 14 Years Capturing Images of the Oldest Trees on Earth and They Are Magnificent

Beth Moon, a photographer in San Fransisco, has spent the last 14 years searching and capturing images of some of the oldest and most magnificent trees on earth. Some of the trees are more than a thousand-years-old and Moon travels to the most remote locations to photograph their beauty.

Moon uses a platinum/palladium process which results in monochrome prints and they have the greatest tonal range and are extremely durable. The images will leave you in awe and provides another reminder of how wondrous nature can be.

Avenue of the Baobabs is just one of many beautiful tree pictures by Photographer Beth Moon.

The Bowthorpe Oak

Crost Castle Chestnut

Desert Rose (Wadi Fa Lang)

Sentinels of St-Edwards

The Yews of Wakehurst

Heart of the Dragon

Diksom Forest


The Ifaty Teapot

The Strangler Fig

Great Western Red Cedar

Bristle Cone Pine Relic


Rilke’s Bayon

The Whittinghame Yew

Queen Elizabeth Oak

The Lovers

H/t Bored Panda and Bethmoon.com

These images are simply stunning and Beth Moon has a book entitled Ancient Trees - Portraits Of Time which features all of Moon’s captivating images. It is available at Amazon or your favorite bookstore.

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