If You’re Surrounded by Darkness and Negativity, Be the Light and ALWAYS Stay Positive

Stay Positive and Don't Let the Darkness Swallow You Up.

The minute we turn on the evening news, we are surrounded by haunting images and stories of anger and hate. The mantra of news companies has always been “If it bleeds, it leads” which explains why 95% of all news stories are negative. As we go about our daily lives, we know that 95% of what we see and experience in our own lives is NOT negative.

Amidst all this is the knowledge that there is light that surrounds us and the world is not as dark as others may portray it to be. Don’t let the darkness swallow you up and be strong and know that YOU are what makes the world a better place.

1) If you feel like the world has become dark, be the light for you and for others.

“Become the bright light for others, when their world becomes dark.”


2) When you’re faced with a bad situation, dig deep and be positive.

“When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.”


3) We all have light within us if we let it shine through.

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“We are stars wrapped in skin – The light you are seeking has always been within.”


4) Don’t dwell on negativity and always keep a positive outlook.

“A positive attitude changes everything.”


5) Life will always test you but remain strong and find the light deep within you.

We all have bad days but the important thing is to wake up the next day with a positive outlook and be the guiding light. Please share these positive thoughts with your friends and family.

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