Here Is How Hilarious It Would Be If Dogs Could Drive. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

Subaru Dog Commercials Features "The Barkleys" Dog Family.

If you’ve ever wondered what the world would be like if cats could talk or if dogs could drive, you’re not alone! The fine folks at Subaru want to show their customers that their automobiles are dog-approved in a series of hilarious Subaru dog commercials that involve dogs driving cars.

Subaru even gave their dog family a name! You can watch the Barkleys family enjoying life on the open road in Subaru dog commercials. If you love dogs as much as I do, this Subaru dog commercials compilation will make laugh from beginning to end!

Watch this hilarious compilation of Subaru dog commercials…


Here are some of our favorite comments regarding the Barkley dog family in these hilarious Subaru commercials:

  1. “Happy to say the two youngsters in the back were ours! Sadie and Sebastian!” – Golden Meadows Retrievers
  2. “I love the puppy in the child seat.” – David Eastburn
  3. “I love it when they are barking at the Postal Truck…” – Susan Gonzales
  4. “That toddler Golden in the car seat… RIDICULOUSLY-cute! ¬†<3” – jamie brookes
  5. “The whole thing was good, but the old dog driving a 3 mph with his left blinker on was the icing on the cake.” – Frank Farmer
  6. “Well hello! The jealous lab wife had to put a bib on the golden hubby since he was drooling at the poodle crossing the street.” – whit78232
  7. “One of the best commercials ever. Good job by Subaru.” – chitownbluesy
  8. “This is the cutest video of all time. EVER! I love that tiny puppy in the car seat!” – Dak Lamerbusch
  9. “Priceless…thank you, dear.” – Bear Gma
  10. “If there’s a ‘Doggie Nation’ somewhere, I want to live there.” – LoveFlatfootin1
  11. “SO CUTE… LOVE IT…” – Deborah Rose

A could be cuter than a family of golden retrievers on a road trip? Please share these hilarious Subaru dog commercials featuring the Barkleys dog family with your friends and family.

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