A Ball Pit in London Is for Adults Only and Promotes the Right to Play

We all know how playing is great for kids. It helps them learn and socialize but why is playing not encouraged in adults? As we grow older, we tend to prioritize work and other responsibilities over leisure activities. This can lead to increased stress levels and a lack of balance in our lives. One company recognized this issue and decided to encourage play! Pearlfisher, a creative agency in London promotes playing by opening a ball pit for adults in January and February of 2015.

A Ball Pit in London Is for Adults Only and Promotes Playing

The event is named JUMP IN! and promises to wipe away the stress by allowing adults to dive into 81,000 plastic balls in a room that is large enough for 30 people. After a fun play session with friends, you can settle into their bar for festive drinks. How fun does that sound?

Watch Pearlfisher London inviting you to jump into a ball pit…


In fact, demand has been so high that they are booked until the event closing date of February 13. Based on this incredible demand, Pearlfisher is hoping to review the possibility of opening longer or at various times throughout the year but no decision has been made.

The benefits of play for adults are numerous. It can reduce stress, improve mood, and boost creativity. Play also allows adults to engage in activities they enjoy, which can improve overall satisfaction with life. In addition, playing with others can strengthen social bonds and enhance communication skills.

If you’re a fan of ball pits, you may be interested in a father who turned his home into a ball pit. This creative idea turned his living room into a fun and colorful play space for his kids, proving that play is not just for children.

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