31 Memes That Are So Bad That They Are Kind of Good!

I love memes! I’ll just come out and say it. But over the years, we’ve created a lot of curated collections of the funniest and best memes that we could find. But like anything in life, there is both good and bad. So I asked myself, “what about the bad memes?” What do we do with those?

31 Memes That Are So Bad That They Are Kind of Good.

Well, some memes are so bad that they’re actually kind of good! So, just for you, we choose 31 bad memes that are funny and clever but in a smh kind of way. Trust me, I was shaking my head and laughing at the same time when creating this list! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did…

1) Let the bad memes begin!

“Anyone: Don’t do that. Me. Doing. That.”


“Are you free tonight? No, I am expensive.”


“Ariana Grande with a ponytail: Fierce. fashion. thirty n flirty n thriving. Me with a ponytail: Young colonial boy. Eager to serve. Ready to die for his country if necessary.”


“Besides watermelon, there should be windmelon, firemelon, and earthmelon. The four elemelons.”


“Beta, there’s a life beyond Facebook. Really? Please ‘share’ the ‘link’ to it! This says a lot about our society.”


“Checking my temperature lately: Needs beer.”


“Dad: Why the [censored] you crying so damn loud? How the Titanic could have been saved if they had the power of Flex Tape in 1912.”


“Do you know? A swarm of 20,000 bees once followed a car for 2 days because their queen was inside the car. Sorry to ask, but who the hell counted the bees?”


“Explain a film blot badly: A drug-crazed lunatic slowly kills children in front of their parents one by one. Willy Wonka.”


“Girls with their $1000 face wash. Guys with the bar of soap they wash their balls with.”


“Hey spell me. M-e. You forgot the D. There is no D in me. Ah yes sorry Amy I did not pass middle school due to my extreme ketamine addiction.”


“I get home. Play video games all night. Don’t go to bed until 3 am. Why does school mess up my sleep schedule?”


“Instant rice cookers have come a long way since 1945.”


“When life gives you gators make Gatorade.”


“Little Caesars: It’s hot and it’s ready. Me: Is it good? Little Caesars: It’s HOT. And it’s READY.”


“Making of the world’s first camera. Which camera took the picture of the world’s first camera?”


“Maybe if we start telling people the brain is an app, they’ll start using it.”


“Me: Doctor I have a problem of forgetting something within 3 seconds. Doctor: When did the problem start? Me: Which problem? Doctor:”


“My temporary tattoo. Me in the shower.”


“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is an awesome phrase…But it’s apparently a horrible way to tell your kids they’re adopted.”


“People who go outside barefoot vs. people who go outside with shoes on vs. people who go outside with just socks.”


Getting pulled over by the cops like…”


“Someone sent me an email about using vodka for cleaning around the house. It worked! The more vodka I drank, the cleaner my house looked!”


“Student: *whispers for a split second* Teacher: Oh my God, you’re holding up the whole class and wasting our precious learning time.”


“The smell of play-doh. The taste of play-doh.”


“They deadass used Getty Images photo of a shark and cropped it onto their poster. LMAO the DC is a joke. That’s…What stock photos are for…Did you think they actually photographed a dude chilling with sharks?”


“Uh-oh! This year, Christmas falls on Friday the 13th for the first time since 1957. Share and warn your friends.”


USA: Inches. Feet. Fahrenheit.”


“Valve employees after playing the 57th furry hentai doujin romance game to verify it for Steam deck: I’m tired, boss.”


“When people think you’re disturbed because of the memes you share but you know you’re holding yourself back at least 95%.”


“Here’s your delivery. Thank you, mailman. You’re welcome, female woman.”

I hope you enjoyed these bad (that are actually kind of good) memes!

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