Daddy Was About to Say Grace and What His Baby Girl Does Is the Sweetest Thing

Baby Girl Closes Her Eyes While Her Family Says Grace.

We have so much to be thankful for and thanking God for giving us life and keeping us safe is a small but important way of saying thanks. When this family sits down at the dinner table, they start saying grace but their little baby girl does the most sweetest thing.

As the family holds hands before their mealtime prayer, this little baby girl closes her eyes and begins reciting her prayer and screams out “Amen” at the very end. The fact that she is learning to pray at such a young age is adorable and when she squeezes her tiny eyes while saying grace, it is just too adorable.

Watch this adorably cute baby girl pray with her family before her meal…


Praying is a part of this family’s daily life and it is so sweet that they are sharing these values with their children. If you love children, don’t miss this tiny baby learning to crawl.

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