A Baby Was Left to Die in a Landfill but This Dog Did Something Incredible

A Baby Was Left to Die in a Landfill but a Heroic Dog Saved It.

One of the most horrific things I could think of would be finding a living baby in the trash. Unfortunately, this happened to one baby in Thailand but luckily a dog named Pui was passing through a garbage dump and found the baby with its umbilical cord still attached in a plastic bag.

The adorable dog knew instinctively what to do and carried the abandoned baby to his home where a 12-year-old looked inside the plastic bag and couldn’t believe her eyes. She then showed it to her mother and they rushed to the hospital to get her emergency care.


Because of the quick action taken by the family, the baby later recovered and five families later reached out to the Red Cross in the hopes of adopting her. Please share the heroic action by this dog with your friends and family.

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