Artist Brings a Rake to the Beach. What He Creates With It Is Beyond Amazing.

Almost everybody wishes they could “work” while spending most of their time at the beach but Andre Amador decided to make this a reality for himself. He used to be a computer technician but found that he had a gift for creating art but not in the usual sense. He loved creating sand drawings using sand at the beach even if it means his creations are only temporary.

His canvas is as big or small as the beach he decides to work on. All he needs is a sunny day and a low tide before he begins envisioning what his next art piece will be.

Drawing perfect circles on paper is difficult for most people but Amador draws 100-foot circles in the sand and makes it look so easy.


Andre Amador, 42, enjoys the process of creating his artwork and works as an earthscape artist.


Intricate geometric shapes that can be admired for only hours before the tide washes it away.


Using only a rope as a guide, he creates dazzling shapes.


Some sand drawings stretch for thousands of feet.


He enjoys his work because it is fun and allows him to spend time by the water and beaches.


He lives in San Francisco and on any day you might spot one of his works of art.


But he also travels the world and provides lessons and workshops to groups.


He finds inspiration everywhere to create his artwork.


By using wet sand available at low tide, he creates patterns with different shades of sand colors.


He often gets requests to create beach art for people who want to propose to their partner on the beach.


Some pieces are so detailed you wish they could remain intact forever.


Amador’s creates most of his works of art in a couple of hours.


He is able to capture aerial photos and videos using a camera mounted on a quad-copter.


Amador was drawn to geometric art after studying crop circle reconstructions.


Here are more of Amador’s creations…





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If you would like to purchase photographic prints of Amador’s artwork, you can buy them on his website or view his latest works on his Facebook page. Please share these incredible sand drawings by Andre Amador with your friends and family.

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