These Animals Are Lovin’ Summer and Jumping on Trampolines. Hilarious!!

Watch Animals Jumping on Trampolines and Having Fun.

Summer is about having fun in your backyard with friends and family and if you have a swimming pool and/or a trampoline, it’s even more fun! But trampolines aren’t just for kids. This supercut of animals having fun jumping on trampolines is guaranteed to make you laugh.

This video by TastefullyOffensive showcases dogs, cats, goats, and other animals having a blast jumping on trampolines. It’s even more hilarious when you catch some of them trying to jump on their shadows!

Watch animals jumping on trampolines!


The song ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain is the perfect accompaniment to these animals having a blast jumping on trampolines.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from this video of animals jumping on trampolines:

  1. “I like how the Shiba Inu tries to eat the trampoline.” – HomosexualJoltik
  2. “LOOK AT THAT BISON!!!!!” – WildWestQuest
  3. “Much Doge spotting.” – Austen Jenius
  4. “Lol Doge!” – TheBoltMaster
  5. “A god damn bison??????>………..” – WeCan’tSkateBoard
  6. “Doge.” – capefear56
  7. “Cats are so lazy man…” – Yang Zhang
  8. “I flipped out lol, cuz the goat fell off, Lol that was funny :)” – Surrender A20
  10. “The Big Show, Ring Collapse XDD.” – Gina HellBizkit
  11. “Lol, that random trampoline at the end.” – Raiga Areli
  12. “That’s doge, such jump, very bounce, Wow.” – Jared Magallon
  13. “I loved the last one.” – Terry Livings
  14. “My favorite animal.” – MemeQueenMeanBeanCleanGreenMagazineCuisine
  15. “Ah, my Goat Gizmo is famous D: Nice to know you used my video haha.” – KaneeJB
  16. “:D wtf :DDDDD” – Nikola Pracharova
  17. “:D” – MrPinaatti
  18. “I’m glad I watched this, it made my day!!! :)” – Surviving Kristie
  19. “Best hahaha!” – Zach Vongkositkul
  20. John Lewis 2016 Christmas ad brought me here.” – Fahd El Mekkaoui
  21. “DOGE!!!111!!!!1” – Monkeybread300
  22. “Hey! I like da video. :)” – Skarlett Fox
  23. “A DOGE!!!!” – Orlando Boi
  24. “DAT Shiba: “wow such bounce, such fun, wow.” – Butheadbros2

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