Amy Poehler Has the Best Quote Ever Regarding the Trials and Tribulations of Being a Modern Man. OMG, Hilarious.

Amy Poehler appeared on an episode of The Approval Matrix and what she says will make you smile. The former ‘Parks and Recreation’ star was asked a question regarding the trials and tribulations of being a modern man and her facial expression says it all.

Amy Poehler Interview with The Approval Matrix.

Host Neal Brennan tells her that for the modern man, “Being cool is, like, passé. And now you have to be awkward and adorkable.” Neal prefaces the interview by asking his audience the question, “Do girls want actual nerds, or do they want a guy who looks like a nerd but is strong?”

Watch Amy Poehler take down male privilege. She nails it at 00:18 and you’ll know why she is the best!


She tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back in this interview with Neal Brennan from The Approval Matrix. Please share this amusing interview with Amy Poehler with your friends and family.

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