81-Year-Old Man Tries a Guitar at a Music Store and Impresses Everyone!

Learning to play an instrument is a skill that lasts a lifetime and benefits your brain more than any activity. Whether you’re a 98-year-old grandma that plays the piano or 5-year-old girl that plays drums, music is a universal language that knows no boundaries.

81-Year-Old Bob Wood Plays Guitar at British Audio Service in Nashville, TN.

When Bob Wood, an 81-year-old musician, walked into British Audio in Nashville, Tennessee, customers didn’t know what to expect. When he started playing, his nimble fingers danced across his guitar frets and I’m sure he had an audience quickly assemble around him!

Watch 81-year-old Bob Wood try out a guitar at a music store…


Bob Wood is an accomplished musician and has been playing for nearly his entire life. He regularly performed at The Wheeling Jamboree and still loves to play to this day! He was also inducted into The Southern Legends Country Music Hall of Fame in 2007.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Bob Wood – 80 years old and awesome” by British Audio:

  1. “Age is just a number.” – Ungke Suleh
  2. “I heard flamenco, jazz, and blues all at once! awesome!” – JTConner
  3. “No arthritis there.” – Moss Fett Labs
  4. “You put us all to shame sir.” – BubbaZen10
  5. “Give him a distortion pedal and he could shred in a famous metal band.” – Ya Like Jazz?
  6. “He may look old, but in his heart, he is young forever <3″ – Kessi Eastwood
  7. “Trust me, he would still get laid.” – ctyuang
  8. “I love this more then I can even put into words. This man is literally the meaning of life. U never forget what u love. It runs through your heart forever. God bless this man!” – Jesse Dean
  9. “Look at his face, he’s feeling it all the way through!” – Eddy
  10. “Stop addressing his age. He’s a great musician. Period.” – Yolanda L.

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