She Heard Her Mom and Dad Arguing but What This 6-Year-Old Told Her Mom Will Warm Your Heart

6-Year-Old Tells Her Mom She Wants Her Parents to Be Friends.

Divorce should always be the last resort when trying to save a marriage. For this little girl, all she wants is for her parents to get along and be friends. A 6-year-old pleads with her mother as she hears her recently divorce parents arguing and gives her one of the most heartwarming requests ever.

She begins by asking that her mother try to be friends with her dad. And, continues giving words of wisdom to her mother. She speaks so eloquently and from the heart that she brings her mother to tears and she gives us all something to think about.

Watch this 6-year-old girl that deserves a PhD in relationship studies…


She is incredibly wise for her age and I am sure she will encourage her parents to be friends and good to each other. Please share this beautiful request from a 6-year-old to her parents with your friends and family.

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