49 Delicious Indian Side Dish Recipes You Just Have to Try!

Explore the most fascinating food dishes that offer the best of Indian cooking and prepare them at home! Flavorful dishes that are so delicious you won’t believe they are homemade.

Any of these Indian side dishes make the perfect accompaniment when paired with Indian main course dishes. Enjoy these 49 delicious Indian side dishes that you just have to try.

1) Sweet Corn Curry

Learn how to make sweet corn curry that is very easy to make and so tasty. Get the recipe.

2) Punjabi Chole (Chole Masala)

A spicy tangy tomato-based semi dry gravy with white chickpeas that is best served with any Indian flatbread. Get the recipe.

3) Dal Palak

A North Indian dish made with the goodness of spinach and lentils. Get the recipe.

4) Dal With Green Leaf

Tur dal cooked with green leafy vegetables is healthy and makes the ideal south Indian meal. Get the recipe.

5) Nellikai Sadam

A spicy, tangy, and flavorful vegan rice preparation with Indian gooseberries. A must try for rice lovers! Get the recipe.

6) Besanwali Bhindi

Crispy okra fried with gram flour makes the perfect side dish for any south Indian meal. Get the recipe.

7) Restaurant-Style Sweet Corn Masala Curry

Fresh sweet corn kernels cooked in an onion based spice paste is a delectable side dish for Indian flatbreads. Very rich and tasty! Get the recipe.

8) Green Peas Masala

Green peas masala is tasty and makes a good accompaniment with roti, naan bread, or even chapati. Get the recipe.

9) Sprouts Masala Curry

Learn how to make this healthy Indian sprouts recipe with an easy step-by-step recipe for Indian side dishes. Get the recipe.

10) Brinjal Fry (Eggplant Fry)

Indian side dishes containing eggplant are nearly a meal in itself. Get the recipe.

11) Mixed Vegetable Rice

A very simple but delicious rice recipe with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. Get the recipe.

12) Palak Paneer

Creamy rich palak paneer. A very tasty and healthy side dish when served with pulao and roti. Get the recipe.

13) Potato Carrot Roast

Homemade stir-fry that goes well with rice / rotis. Get the recipe.

14) Kadai Vegetables

Healthy, rich, and delicious kadai vegetables which go well with jeera rice, roti, and/or naan. Get the recipe.

15) Kadai Bhendi/Bhindi

A tasty vegan side dish that goes well with roti or pulao. Get the recipe.

16) Aloo Jeera

A very easy fried potato recipe that goes well with rice/roti. Get the recipe.

17) Simple Vegetable Rice

Dinner doesn’t get simpler than this! An absolutely flavorful and tasty rice with ingredients readily available in most pantries. Get the recipe.

18) Arachu Vitta Kuzhambu

A classic tamarind based stew from Tamil cuisine. Get the recipe.

19) Bombay Chutney

An easy side dish that goes very well with puri or chapathis and also with rice and appalam. Get the recipe.

20) Chettinad Urlai (Baby Potato Roast)

A tasty roasted dish made with baby potatoes and fragrant dry roasted fresh Chettinad masala. Makes a perfect side dish for rasam saadam/rasam rice. Get the recipe.

21) Manga Sadham (Mango Rice)

A tangy, spicy, and absolutely irresistible vegan rice dish made with raw mango. Get the recipe.

22) Vazhakai Podi

An authentic dish of Tambram cuisine made with raw banana or plantains. Get the recipe.

23) Sweet Corn Masala Dosai

A slightly sweet masala with bursting flavors of sweet corn. Get the recipe.

24) Aloo Bhindi Masala

A simple yet tasty side dish made with potatoes and okra. It’s very quick and easy to make and the curry flavors taste are rich and flavorful. Get the recipe.

25) Vegetable Curry

Vegetable curry makes a great accompaniment with jeera rice but it can be served with naan bread and roti too. Get the recipe.

26) Dal With Methi

The semi-cooked tur dal with methi and onions makes a great accompaniment with roti or jowar. Get the recipe.

27) Potato Veggie

Here is a versatile and tasty recipe that only takes 10 minutes to cook! Get the recipe.

28) Aloo Methi

Aloo methi is a simple and humble curry made with potatoes and methi leaves. It is very easy to make a curry to make and experience the wonderful flavor of methi leaves in every bite. Get the recipe.

29) Beans Parupu Usili

A classic recipe from Tambram cuisine called beans paruppu usili which are beans sauteed with lentils. Get the recipe.

30) South Indian Vegetables

A delicious assortment of stir-fried vegetables. Get the recipe.

31) Tomato Thokku

Tomato thokku is one of the easiest and tastiest relishes you could make and goes great with rice or idly/dosa. Get the recipe.

32) Okra With Tomatoes

Okra is more commonly known as ladyfingers or bhendi in India. Whatever you call it, it’s delicious when blended with tomatoes and onions and is easy to prepare. Get the recipe.

33) Aloo Matar

A delicious homestyle vegan curry made with potatoes and peas. Get the recipe.

34) Baby Corn Stir-Fry

A homestyle vegan stir-fry made with baby corns and tomatoes that is simply yummy. Get the recipe.

35) Kathirikai Pitlai (Brinjal Pitlai)

A spicy, tangy tamarind based gravy made with eggplants and coconut. Serve with rice for a delicious meal. Get the recipe.

36) Paneer Capsicum Masala

A rich and creamy gravy made with paneer and bell peppers that is also easy to make. Get the recipe.

37) Besanwali Simla Mirch

An aromatic vegan stir-fry dish made with bell peppers and gram flour. Serve with rice and rotis for a healthy and filling meal. Get the recipe.

38) Dal Fry

Hearty and wholesome toor dal cooked with flavorful spices for a restaurant style taste and flavor. Get the recipe.

39) Turnip Dal Fry

A quick dal fry recipe made with wholesome turnips and flavorful spices that is simply delicious. Get the recipe.

40) South Indian Style Vegetable Kurma

A delicious mild flavored mixed vegetable curry that is perfect when served with chapathi or poori. Get the recipe.

41) Carrot Podi Curry

Homestyle carrot stir-fry recipe with a fresh spice blend that tastes even more delicious when paired with rice/rotis. Get the recipe.

42) Onion Tomato Chutney

An easy and simple onion tomato chutney recipe with ginger and gram dal that is flavorful and great with idly/dosa. Get the recipe.

43) Carrot Chutney

An excellent, healthy vegan side dish made with carrots that go well with idly/dosa/roti but can also be served as a bread spread or dip. Get the recipe.

44) Ajwain Tambli

A tasty Tambli made with healthy ajwain leaves. Get the recipe.

45) Mint Chutney

A delightful mint chutney that goes well with samosas, cutlets, and so many others. Get the recipe.

46) Vendhaya Mangai (Mango-Fenugreek Pickle)

Vendhaya mangai is a very famous pickle recipe that is made even better when raw mangoes are in season. Get the recipe.

47) Maavadu (Vadu Mangai)

A spicy and flavorful South Indian raw mango pickle made with tender baby mangoes. Get the recipe.

48) Schezwan sauce

A delicious sweet and sour sauce used in many Indo-Chinese recipes with just the right amount of spiciness. Get the recipe.

49) And the last featured Indian side dishes…Aamras

Fresh mango juice with cardamom that makes a great side dish or even sweet enough served for dessert. Get the recipe.

With such an assortment of Indian side dishes, these recipes should provide ideas and inspiration for making the ultimate side dish. Please SHARE these delicious Indian side dishes with your friends and family.

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