These 46 Happy Images Will Make You Burst with Happiness. Keep on Smiling!

You may have already heard that it takes less effort to smile than to frown but while this isn’t scientifically proven, smiling feels SO much better. Your smile is also contagious and will make others around you smile and feel happy too!

Life is awesome but sometimes if we are having a bad day, someone or something that makes us smile can immediately turn things around. The following 46 happy images are exactly that…adorable images full of happiness and love that will make you smile. If you enjoy them, don’t miss these other 44 pictures that will make you smile too!

1) This cute cat spending time with his best friend.


2) This sweet 6-month-old hedgehog having a party.


3) This adorable baby raccoon.

46 Happy Images - This adorable baby raccoon.

Flickr / dancoulter


4) This pocket kitten enjoying a walk.


5) This sweet dog babysitting his new baby sister.


6) This baby’s first Christmas with his fluffy new friend.


7) A cute baby raccoon hugging his teddy bear while he sleeps.


8) These future police dogs looking cute for the camera.

46 Happy Images - These future police dogs looking cute for the camera.

Flickr / westmidlandspolice


9) These kids enjoying an afternoon with their pet kangaroo.


10) This dapper cat showing off his blue tie.


11) This cute hedgehog dressed as Dracula for Halloween.


12) This kookaburra going country and loving it.


13) This baby raccoon watching you drive.


14) This soft and fluffy kitten.


15) This beaver going out for Halloween as a bee.


16) These kittens recreating a scene from Titanic, “I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go.”


17) This cute toddler helping his adorable pet chick smell a flower for the first time.


18) This 93-year-old man taking his best friend “Sweetie” for a drive.


19) The cutest shopping cart EVER!


20) This little darling with the most adorable smile.


21) This sleepy puppy with the biggest yawn in the world.


22) This gorgeous Siberian Husky giving tender kisses.


23) This adorable love boop.


24) This sweet dog meeting his baby sister for the first time.


25) This cute miniature horse going on a flight.


26) One of the best delivery packages you could ever receive.


27) This adorable puppy bringing home a pine cone.


28) This corgi bringing joy to an elderly man she just met.


29) This sweet kitten enjoying a milk drink box.


30) This adorable kitten in a leg pocket of a United States Army Soldier.

46 Happy Images - This adorable kitten in a leg pocket of a United States Army Soldier.

Flickr / us7thfleet


31) This cute munchkin pretending to be a paperweight.


32) This little girl snuggling her best friend.

46 Happy Images - This little girl snuggling her best friend.

Flickr / ashenwolf


33) This dog taking a nap with his snuggle buddy.


34) This happy rat enjoying Milano cookies.

46 Happy Images - This happy rat enjoying Milano cookies.

Facebook / martymousetherat


35) This gorgeous Husky enjoying a nap in a hammock with his human.


36) These baby chicks playing with their new furry friend.


37) This cute skunk wearing a onesie.


38) This shy cat that clings to her human as they go for a walk.


39) This baby learning to walk by pushing around his best friend.


40) This adorable family cat meeting her new baby brother for the first time.


41) This dog being the best car passenger ever.


42) This little guy hanging out with his dad.


43) These dogs showing some love for their human.


44) This adorable police dog taking a nap on the job.


45) Happy images of an adorable piglet digging like it’s nobody’s business.


46) This kangaroo mother carrying her little joey.

H/t: BuzzFeed

The love we share with animals is indescribable and they always know how to make us smile. Please share these happy images that will surely make you smile with your friends and family.

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