31 Truck Signs That Will Have You Doing a Double Take on the Way to Work

When it comes to advertising on cars and trucks, the message needs to be short and sweet because many people won’t bother reading it while driving or texting on their phones. Companies only have a few seconds to get your attention and incorporating clever humor or funny signs always works.

If you’re sitting in traffic, look around you and you may spot funny truck signs that will make you smile or laugh hysterically. Not only will it possibly make your day, but it also helps you remember the company and their services. The people who created the following 31 funny truck signs definitely have an awesome sense of humor.

1) That’ll work.

31 Funny Truck Signs - That'll work.

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“Horn broken. Watch for finger.”

2) I’m bored too!

31 Funny Truck Signs - I'm bored too!

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“Flash me. I’m bored.”

3) When in doubt…

31 Funny Truck Signs - When in doubt...

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“DNA testing. Who’s your daddy?”

4) Not as simple as you think.

31 Funny Truck Signs - Not as simple as you think.

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“Don’t like trucks? Stop buying shit. Problem solved.”

5) Long wide load. 🙂

31 Funny Truck Signs - A long wide load.

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“This vehicle makes wide ass turns.”

6) This one goes beyond funny truck signs and would cause a double take.

31 Funny Truck Signs - That would cause a double take.

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7) It sure doesn’t smell like milk.

“Keep back 500 ft. We aren’t hauling milk.”

8) The birthday gift that keeps on giving.

“Hey, it’s my birthday and this is crazy but I’m stuck in this truck. So flash me maybe?”

9) What other white powder? Oh… 😉

“Cement. The other white powder.”

10) If you’re stinky and you know it…

“Ripe. Stinky. Cheesy. Smoky. Creamy. Pungent. Aromatic. Buttery. Moldy. Follow your nose to Murray’s cheese.”

11) Baby on board.

12) Way better than using sandbags in winter! Weigh the truck down with snow!

13) Let’s hope it never has a leak.

“Caution: Stool bus.”

14) A clever swipe at Kanye.

31 Funny Truck Signs - A clever swipe at Kanye.

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“Chicago’s best wrappers. Sorry, Kanye…”

15) That’s a good tip!

“Moving tip #48: Packing tape should not be used for painful practical jokes.”

16) He’s a poet and he doesn’t know it.

31 Funny Truck Signs - He's a poet and he doesn't know it.

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“If you want to get past, you had better be fast, because I’ve got a truck, and I don’t give a f***!”

17) Who doesn’t?

“I love a good dump.”

18) That is one massive pitcher of coffee!

“Best coffee on the interstate!”

19) If you need the best erection, look no further!

31 Funny Truck Signs - If you need the best erection, look no further!

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“Big Top Rentals – For the best erections.”

20) I don’t want to know where he/she keeps their wallet.

“Driver carries less than $50 and is fully naked.”

21) A clever Vin Diesel fan.


22) How about tacos?

“Notice: Drivers do not carry burritos.”

23) Nobody likes an EL Smasho.

31 Funny Truck Signs - Nobody likes an EL Smasho.

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“EL Paso or EL Smasho?”

24) I’m laughing so much it Hz!

“Electricians do it ’til it Hz!”

25) That’s never a good sign.

“Caution: Parts may fall off.”

26) Not a bad idea if you ask me.

“In case of an accident, bring cheese and crackers. Lots and lots of cheese and crackers.”

27) Must go faster.

28) When it does.

31 Funny Truck Signs - When it does.

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“Doody calls!”

29) I’ll bring a red solo cup.

31 Funny Truck Signs - I'll bring a red solo cup.

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“In case of an accident, grab a cub.”

30) Must be a crappy job.

“Your shit is our bread & butter!”

31) Yeah, that sounds about right.

31 Funny Truck Signs - Yeah, that sounds about right.

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“Caution: Vehicle may be transporting political promises!”

H/t: LifeBuzz

These truckers have a great sense of humor and make our experience on the roads a little brighter. Please share these funny truck signs with your friends and family.

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