27 Problems Only Tall People Will Relate To

Being tall is a definite advantage in everything from relationships to careers according to some reports but it doesn’t come without its share of tall people problems. In fact, this blessing is sometimes a curse as many things like that small but fancy sports car you always wanted is built for people with an average height.

Either way, short and tall people have to compromise on some things but here are some things only tall people have to deal with.

1) Finding people to date with the same height can be a challenge.

2) Hugging nearly everyone is awkward.

27 Tall People Problems Only Tall People Have - Hugging nearly everyone is awkward.

3) If only beds were an extra foot longer.

4) People will poke fun at you for being tall.

5) Everyone expects you to be the ‘Green Giant’ at Halloween.

6) Seats on planes are never comfortable.

7) Dressing rooms are awkward…

8) …and so are bathroom stalls.

9) Hugging your mom isn’t as easy as it used to be.

10) You can’t access certain areas.

11) You get the best view of the concert but not the people behind you.

12) You’ve never seen your face in a full-length mirror.

13) Going to the movies isn’t as comfortable as it used to be.

14) You wish banking machines came with knee pads.

15) People often tell you that you grew overnight.

16) It can sometimes be a health hazard walking around the house.

17) Your friends generally have to run to keep up with you.

18) A sports car isn’t practical or comfortable anymore.

19) You’re constantly hitting your knees against your desk.

20) That great suit you bought in your junior year doesn’t really fit in your senior year.

21) The deep end just doesn’t mean what it used to.

22) The coach always picks you to be the goalie.

23) You need to find other seating arrangements while traveling.

24) New pants are always too short.

25) They also get caught in everything.

27 Tall People Problems Only Tall People Have - Your pants get caught in everything.

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26) Family portraits are always odd-looking.

27) One size does not fit all.

Sometimes being average height is a good thing but I’m sure some of us wouldn’t mind dealing with these tall people problems in exchange for being a few inches taller. Please share these tall people problems with your friends and family.

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