27 Awesome Billboards That Engage and Attract Costumers in Creative Ways

Advertising is just one method businesses use to get their products in front of potential customers and the effect is often surprising. Some advertising campaigns go viral and are so popular that they propel their way into pop culture.

The following 27 advertisements may have been expensive but the creative advertising agencies behind them should be proud.

1) For their coffee campaign, McDonald’s offered free coffee to its customers and lit up the streets with these custom street lights.

2) Kit Kat launched ‘No Wi-Fi’ zones to let friends connect in person instead of cell phones and have a real conversation over a Kit Kat bar.

3) Yellow ballot boxes in Great Britain let residents vote with their butts…Cigarette butts that is.

4) To launch their new “Hot ‘n Wholesome” menu in grand fashion, Caribou Coffee modified some bus stops to look like a warm oven.

5) Carlsberg lets people pour their own pint and sample their beer with their clever billboard.

6) This interactive poster lets users clean the air with their hands and reveals how using bicycles instead of automobiles would help.

7) This Braun Oral-B Toothbrush advertisement on a street sweeper.

8) With the goal of getting kids interested in math, this clever advertisement by COA Youth & Family Centers introduces angles to children and adults visiting the park.

9) Drybar’s “Warm wishes from Drybar” advertising campaign uses a hair blower blowing hot air in the streets.

10) IBM proving that some of the smartest ideas that change the world are sometimes some of the simplest.

11) Billboard Brazil lets guys be a Guitar Hero in public washrooms.

12) Cooch Creative’s billboard provides free sunscreen to raise awareness about the effects of sun exposure and skin cancer.

13) Quicksilver promotes their own creativity with this billboard that also doubles as a skateboard ramp.

14) Purell helps keep germs at bay with free disposable sanitizing hand wipes for passengers using public transportation.

15) Nedbank literally gives power to the people with a billboard with solar panels. The solar-powered billboard generates electricity for a small township in Africa as well as for the billboard illumination.

16) Pepsi lets bored Subway passengers enjoy free music during their commute.

17) To promote USB ports on all of their long-haul international flights, Delta also installed charging stations in New York City cabs.

18) Kenzo’s billboard offered free flowers to pedestrians.

19) The American Disability Association raising awareness about making cities accessible for everyone.

20) If there is one thing we never have enough when moving, it’s cardboard boxes. IKEA provides free cardboard boxes to customers.

21) HBO’s magnificent billboard provides the illusion of a flying dragon’s shadow.

22) Privé updated their bathroom mirrors with the slogan “Be Seen” to promote their new lounge zone, ‘Riviera Privé’.

23) Nike’s innovative billboard contains a treadmill that lets anyone walk and contribute to UNICEF. For each kilometer, Nike donates money to the charity.

24) Nivea created smartphone chargers that work on solar power for their sunscreen advertising campaign.

25) Peapod Stop & Shop lets pedestrians order groceries with their smartphone and get it delivered right to their door.

26) Peruvian engineering university UTEC creates a billboard that produces fresh drinking water from air humidity.

27) Nokia provides an interactive display to experience the features of their Lumia smartphone.

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