24 Parenting Hacks That Will Keep Your Kids Happy and Safe

Being a parent is never easy but the rewards of having happy and healthy kids more than justifies the effort. No matter how great a parent we are, we can always use another tip or life hacks for kids to make the job a little easier and possibly make your kid’s day a little brighter too.

Whether your kids don’t want to eat their vegetables, routinely fall out of bed, or not yet tall enough to reach the sink, the following life hacks for kids should provide some ideas or inspire you to create your own tips and tricks to deal with a problem.

1) After buying a new bath toy, seal the air hole with a dab of hot glue to prevent mold.

2) Make a quick hammock using only a table and a blanket.

Here is how to make a woven wrap hammock life hacks for kids.

3) If your kids don’t like shopping for shoes, just trace their feet.

4) Repurpose their old crib and create a drawing station they’ll love.

5) Make a bracelet with charms of things they love and include your telephone number.

6) Use a picture frame to make a handy reusable info board for the babysitter.

Here is how to make a reusable babysitting info board life hacks for kids.

7) Use an old lotion bottle to make a fun DIY waterfall faucet if your children don’t yet reach the sink.

8) Use old lotion or soap bottle pumps to easily fill water balloons.

9) Trim a pool noodle and wrap it around the door to prevent it from slamming their fingers.

10) Secure loose tank top straps with a barrette.

11) Use a temporary tattoo if going to an event with large crowds or where a child may accidentally stray from you.

24 Life Hacks for Kids - Use a temporary tattoo if going to an event with large crowds or where a child may accidentally stray from you.

Source: tottoos

Get your own temporary tattoo ID decals on Tottoos.org.

12) Use a crazy straw and put the curly end inside the cup to prevent kids from pulling out the straw.

13) Make cleaning fun by turning chores into a game.

14) Prevent flies, mosquitoes, or other insects from harming your child by putting a blanket over their playpen.

15) Flip a coffee lid and use it to prevent their frozen treats from melting on their hands.

How? Stick the popsicle stick through the spout of an upside-down coffee cup lid with this handy life hacks for kids.

16) Mornings can be hectic so speed up the process of cutting their food by using a pizza cutter.

17) Prevent kids from locking the door accidentally by using a simple rubber band.

18) Make playtime in the bathtub more fun by keeping their toys within arm’s reach by using a laundry basket.

19) Make a portable coloring case using an old DVD case.

20) Prevent kids from falling out of bed by using a simple pool noodle and secure it under the sheets.

21) Administer medicine thru an open pacifier to make it less stressful for your child.

22) Make the whole experience of the tooth fairy even more special by putting glitter in the form of a tooth.

Five dollars? The tooth fairy is really good these days 🙂

23) If they don’t eat their vegetables, put sprinkles on them.

With life hacks for kids like this one, the benefits of eating all their vegetables far outweigh the small amount of sugar they’ll consume.

24) Prevent unnecessary use of toilet paper by using a tear mark to show how much to use.

When you’re a parent, every little tip counts. Please share these awesome life hacks for kids with your friends and family.

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