23 Best Chili Recipes With Crazy Goodness in Every Bite

Chili is an excellent dish to serve any time of year and a must-have dish for any football game. But since we’re talking about football food, let’s not forget the chicken wings like these baked garlic ginger chicken wings!

Try one or all of these 23 best chili recipes and you won’t believe how many ways you can spin up a chili recipe.

1) Chili Con Carne

If you’re looking for an authentic chili recipe, here you have it. Get the recipe!

2) Black Bean and Corn Chicken Chili

A great chili recipe using chicken that you have to taste. Get the recipe!

3) Easy Chili Recipe

Slow cookers are a godsend when making some of the best chili recipes. Get the recipe!

4) 30-Minute Chili

If you only have 30 minutes, that’s more than enough to make a hearty chili. Get the recipe!

5) Good Old Chilli Con Carne

An awesome chili recipe by Jamie Oliver using beans and chickpeas. Get the recipe!

6) Chilli for a Crowd

Personally, I prefer chunks of tender beef versus ground beef and this chili recipe delivers. Get the recipe!

7) Hearty Chipotle Chili

Chili recipes with a chipotle kick! Get the recipe!

8) Game Day Chili

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or just a regular season game, you need a good chili while watching the game! Get the recipe!

9) The Food Lab: How To Make The Best Chili Ever

This is more than a recipe, it dissects what the best chili recipes should have and discusses ingredients needed to make the best chili ever. Get the recipe!

10) Tim Hortons Chili

23 Best Chili Recipes - Tim Hortons Chili.

food.com. Photo by KateL

Tim Horton’s has awesome chili and this copycat chili recipe is the next best thing. Get the recipe!

11) Two-Tomato Stew Chili

A unique chili recipe with a variety of ingredients including sun-dried tomatoes. Get the recipe!

12) Buckeye State Chili

Surprising flavors inspired by chocolate and peanut butter “buckeye” candies. Get the recipe!

13) Just Good Chili

Beautiful chili recipe using bison or dark turkey meat. Get the recipe!

14) Classic Chili

A 5-star recipe for classic chili. Get the recipe!

15) Hearty Turkey Chili

A hearty chili recipe from Weight Watchers that is low in fat but big on taste. Get the recipe!

16) Game Time Chili

Another great chili to serve while watching the game. Get the recipe!

17) 5-Ingredient Chili

I love this recipe because it’s simple (only 5 ingredients!) and tastes incredible. Get the recipe!

18) Chilli Con Carne with Cornbread Muffins

A great chilli con carne recipe using many ingredients and let’s not forget the cornbread! Get the recipe!

19) Vegan Chili with Homemade Sour Cream

Vegan chili never tasted so good with this recipe from Oh She Glows. Get the recipe!

20) Raspberry Liver Chili

A unique paleo chili recipe with ground beef and liver. Get the recipe!

21) Vegetable-Chickpea Chili with Fried Almonds

A great vegetarian chili recipe and fried almonds provide great texture. Get the recipe!

22) Wendy’s Chili Copycat

I also love Wendy’s chili and this copycat chili recipe is a great clone. Get the recipe!

23) Chilli con carne

A chilli con carne recipe doesn’t get much better than this and adjust the chili powder to suit your tastes. Get the recipe!

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