22 Times Siri Totally Nailed It and Showed Off Her Sassy Side

I remember purchasing the iPhone 4S, the first iPhone to feature Siri, a personal assistant that helped with everything from playing music to booking appointments by simply speaking to it. Since then, the novelty has worn off on some people but Siri has inspired other companies to implement their own versions of digital assistants with varying degrees of success.

Siri gets it right most of the time but only when we start asking questions out of left field does she decide to release her inner sassiness. Some of her responses will make you smile, laugh, or even get offended but that is part of her charm. Here is 22 times where Siri really showed off her sassiness which left her owners scratching their heads.

1) Siri does whatever she wants.


2) Well played, Siri. Well played.


3) Thanks Siri?


4) Siri can be a little mean and insensitive at times.


5) Siri also knows how to talk dirty.


6) Siri knows how to burn.


7) Siri wants to be your only friend, I think.


8) Siri being a badass.


9) Don’t blame Siri, blame Apple.


10) Don’t count on Siri to rescue you in an emergency.


11) Ditto.


12) Siri wants to make sure you impress your date on Valentine’s Day.


13) Sometimes, Siri doesn’t make sense.


14) In the end, Siri still does what she wants.


15) Siri just calling it like she sees it.


16) That was a big help.


17) Good advice from Siri.


18) Ouch, burn!


19) Lazy Siri, you can’t fool me.


20) That’s gotta hurt.


21) Siri being witty.


22) Siri the jokester.

H/t: Diply

Siri can be amusing at times and Apple has definitely found interesting things for Siri to say. Please share 22 things that Siri has said that shows off why she is sassy with your friends and family.

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