He Creates a Commercial to Sell His Girlfriend’s 1996 Honda Accord. The Highest Bid Exceeds His Expectations!

I bought my first Honda in 2004 and immediately fell in love. Some of my favorite car brands such as Honda, Nissan, and Toyota are all considered “The Big Three” in Japan. These car makers also offer some of the best-selling cars in North America and Europe. What makes Japanese car brands so great is their amazing dependability and high customer satisfaction. In fact, over half of the car brands with high reliability and high customer satisfaction ratings are Japanese car brands according to a 2017 Consumer Reports survey.

The Honda Accord is especially extraordinary having won prestigious awards like the “10 Best Cars” award by Car and Driver every year for nearly 30 years in a row. When a young woman wanted to sell her 1996 Honda Accord, her boyfriend decided to make a used car commercial and upload it to Youtube.

Created by writer-director Max Lanman based out of Los Angeles, he wrote and directed the commercial for his fiancee Carrie. Along with Christopher Ripley, a cinematographer, the duo made a parody of luxury car commercials and it quickly went viral.

Watch this used car commercial for a 1996 Honda Accord…


The used car commercial created by Lanman has been so successful that his fiancee’s Honda Accord currently has bids for over $100,000 and it’s only going higher!

While the Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price is roughly $1,600.00, Max and hisĀ fiancee Carrie can expect to get a lot more for their green, 1996 Honda Accord EX. Just like this man that surprised his wife with a Honda CR-V, this couple is sure to invest the money into another Honda vehicle.

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