19 More Hilariously Funny Texts From Parents and Their Kids

Unlike teens and young adults, many parents haven’t grown up during the “mobile” era and things like texting are entirely new. However, some parents learn REALLY fast and some of these parents texting their kids have become so good they’re getting a little cocky. But again, some parents¬†are oblivious and their children show them who is on top when it comes to technology. These 19 funny texts from parents are hilarious and prove that parents can be just as cool as their kids.

1) Anything for my fans.

19 Funny Texts From Parents - Anything for my fans.

“Mom says to go buy Advil. Don’t talk to me I’m famous. Please just go I have a headache. Ok, anything for my fans.”

2) Funny texts from parents about a nugget?

19 Funny Texts From Parents - Nugget?

“Hi, mom. Nugget Emily. Nugget. Not nugget. Nugget. ???? You’re a wreck. Did you do this??”

3) What’s with the beans?

19 Funny Texts From Parents - What's with the beans?

“Waiting for her right now. Cool beans. Let’s keep the ‘cool beans’ down to a minimum. Warm beans? Let’s just not use the word beans. Like ever. Cool frijoles.”

4) “My dad just recently learned about ‘OMG'”

19 Funny Texts From Parents - OMG.

“Will you come to get me? OMG. Dad please, it’s raining. OMG. Dad. OMG. I’m going to tell mom. OMG no.”

5) Funny Parents and Mothers know best when it comes to texts.

19 Funny Texts From Parents - Mother knows best.

“Beauty on the inside doesn’t get you free drinks.”

6) Damn, autocorrect!

19 Funny Texts From Parents - Damn autocorrect!

“Hey u need to be looking for jobs remember. Anal. I am. I meant I am.”

7) Funny texts from parents are also cool!

19 Funny Texts From Parents - Breaking it in.

“Also in theory your toaster oven was delivered yesterday. Cool! No, it only does warm.”

8) Dirty clothes…

19 Funny Texts From Parents - Dirty clothes...

“Okay, so I made a shortcut on my mom’s phone so every time she types ‘dirty clothes’ it says acid.”

9) Texts from parents are so funny.

“Did ya hear about the kidnapping at school? No! What happened. It is ok, he woke up. Goddammit.”

19 Funny Texts From Parents - Parents are so funny.

10) What he said.

19 Funny Texts From Parents - What he said.

“I’m being serious. Hi being serious. Do not talk to me.”

11) I miss funny texts from parents.

19 Funny Texts From Parents - Miss you.

“Hi, Amy. I don’t miss you at all. Thanks, dad.”

12) Don’t judge me.

19 Funny Texts From Parents - Don't judge me.

“How is practice going? Terrible I want to stab everybody here. Okay just don’t get any blood on your clothes. You’re a police officer you shouldn’t be condoning this. Don’t tell me how to live my life.”

13) Deep thoughts.

Deep thoughts.

“I feel as though Avril Lavigne should have had more success.”

14) Why are you texting me?

Why are you texting me?

“Is dinner ready yet? Who is this.”

15) Best provider ever.

Best provider ever.

“Who is your provider? Besides me LOL.”

16) Oopsy!


“I’m here. Mom picked me up. Oh, wrong kid.”

17) A brilliant plan.

A brilliant plan.

“Just replaced the cat litter with 44 packages of pop rocks. Now we wait.”

18) Get with the program.

Get with the program.

“Jk got it. Who is Jk.”

19) She’ll eventually get it.

She'll eventually get it.

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