17 Self-Defense Tricks That Could Actually Save Your Life One Day

While we generally feel safe it’s always useful to know how to avoid and get out of dangerous situations if it ever does happen. A violent crime happens every 25 seconds in the U.S. but it’s important not to live in fear and being prepared is one way to be safe.

We probably wouldn’t mind getting attacked by a herd of kittens but most attacks aren’t this cute. You may never need to use any of these 17 self-defense tips and tricks but learning them might save your life one day.

1) Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Muhammad Ali knew that a moving target was more difficult to attack. If you find yourself facing an attacker, never stand still and always be moving. Whether it’s running away or looking for an opportunity to stick it to ’em.




2) When in doubt, use your head.


Let’s face it, even animals use the infamous headbutt when they are involved in a fight for survival. The front cranial bone is tough and you want to effectively hit a weak area like an opponent’s nose.


3) Learn how to escape from zip ties.

Zip ties are the most common tool attackers use to restrain someone during an abduction. Learn how to escape from zip ties and find a way out.


4) Punch an attacker in the celiac plexus to knock the wind out of them.

Learning how to effectively strike someone in the celiac plexus can help you bring down even the biggest attackers. The celiac plexus is a bundle of nerves and if hit with enough force, it will stun and bring down your attacker.


5) Stop at every floor in an elevator if you feel threatened.

If you’re sharing the elevator with someone shady or you feel is up to no good, press as many buttons as possible so that the elevator stops on several floors. This will provide an opportunity for the attacker of getting caught by having other people enter the elevator or a chance to run away if in trouble.


6) Protect yourself by attacking someone in the knees.

If you’re being attacked, kick them in the knee. It’s almost impossible to block and will leave your attacker in pain. They won’t be able to run if you do it effectively and it will provide you with an opportunity to run away.


7) Learn how to escape from a wrist hold.

17 Self-Defense Tips - Learn how to escape from a wrist hold.

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You’ll most likely be held by your wrist if you’re trying to defend yourself so knowing how to get out of a wrist hold is important. Follow this video tutorial to get out of a wrist hold.


8) Wear jewelry that doubles as a self-defense weapon.

17 Self-Defense Tips - Wear jewelry that doubles as a self defense weapon.

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If you have to walk alone at night or going somewhere you don’t feel safe, make sure to wear jewelry that doubles as a weapon. A sharp ring makes an effective self-defense weapon and really packs a punch.


9) Let your hair down.

Ponytails and braids give attackers something to hold on to. Instead, let your hair down until you reach your destination safely.


10) If you have an intruder in your home, head for the kitchen.

First call 911 then immediately make your way to the kitchen. Only you know where you keep your knives and metal pans and all of them make effective weapons. Even a handful of cayenne pepper from your spice cabinet can be just as useful as pepper spray and it gives you time to escape if your intruder can’t see.


11) If you feel you’re being followed, find a safe place.

Walk over to the nearest public place if you feel you’re being followed. If you’re in your car, drive to the nearest police station and try to memorize their license plate number if you can.


12) If you’re being abducted, drop personal belongings like a wallet.

If you tried your best to defend yourself but find yourself forced into a vehicle, try to drop as many personal belongings as possible. This will help investigators track you down but try not to drop your phone. Most phones have GPS and could be helpful to authorities if you leave it on and concealed.


13) Memorize pressure points.

There are several points on our body where a kick or punch can cause a lot of pain. A hit to the eyes, nose, chin, or windpipe can cause your opponent to be disoriented. A swift kick or punch to the sternum point (solar plexus) can knock the wind out of someone. A kick to the groin, knee, or shin can immobilize someone and give you a chance to run away.


14) Nothing makes you feel safer than a self-defense course.

17 Self-Defense Tips - Nothing makes you feel safer than a self-defense course.

Knowledge is power and going through real life fighting scenarios with an instructor is the best way to be prepared when facing an attacker. You may never need to use it but knowing HOW to protect yourself will provide you with lifesaving self-defense techniques for a lifetime.


15) If you must, surrender your wallet.

If you’re being mugged, don’t fight it; however, instead of just handing over your wallet, throw it a few feet away from you. This will give you an opportunity to run away and most criminals won’t bother chasing you since they will have what they wanted in the first place. I commend this young girl who acted quickly when someone stole her iPhone but while objects can be replaced, human lives can’t be replaced.


16) Scream and shout if in danger.

Your voice can carry over miles if you scream and shout loud enough. Yell out ‘HELP!’ or ‘CALL 911’ to inform people you’re in trouble and it may even scare an attacker away.


17) Grab them by the ears.

There are thousands of nerve endings in our ears and if you’ve ever had your ears pulled, you know it can hurt.  You you can either punch someone in the ears or pull them with all your strength to make your attackers wish they never messed with you.

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Hopefully you won’t need to use any of these techniques but please remember that they are not a replacement for self-defense training or calling authorities when in danger. Please share these helpful and potentially lifesaving self-defense tips with your friends and family.

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