17 Clever Inventions You Probably Didn’t Think You Needed Until Now. #10 Is Adorable!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and if it wasn’t for the ingenious inventions thought up by clever minds, it wouldn’t be the same world we live in today. We wouldn’t have automobiles, appliances, cellphones, or even some of these household gadgets.

Some inventions have made our lives easier and the following 17 clever inventions could improve our lifestyles even more. It is often said that anything can be made better and some of these ideas definitely prove it!

1) Easily hang your handbag.

2) Clever inventions like this coffee table with a built-in cat hammock.

17 Clever Inventions - Coffee table with a built-in cat hammock.

Source Unknown

3) Easily pull a plug away from an outlet.

4) A doorknob that lets you see inside the room.

5) Easily butter your bread with butter straight out of the refrigerator.

6) Keyboard joystick adapter.

7) Staircase accessible to everybody including access for wheelchairs.

8) Corner picture frames.

9) Never burn your toasts again with a glass toaster.

10) Cutting board bird feeder.

11) See-through highlighters.

12) LED slippers.

13) Password-protected USB drive.

14) A one-handed zipper.

15) Toilet roll dispenser that is always ready to use.

16) A brilliant toothpaste tube design.

17) A car radio that won’t play unless you buckle up for safety.

Whether some of these inventions will be successful remains to be seen but they really demonstrate how ingenious humans really are. Please share these 17 clever inventions that are actually useful with your friends and family.

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