17 Chevron Nails That Will Have You Saying Goodbye to Boring Nails!

With so many colors and styles, it can be difficult to decide what nail style to use to boost your nails into new territory. Sometimes you need a subtle nail art design such as for wedding nails but chevron patterns are meant to be fun so get creative with colors and patterns!

Chevron nails have been around for a long time but they are making a huge comeback and you can get ahead of the trend with these 17 chevron nail art designs.

1) Chevron nails with a splash of color.


2) Awesome nails perfect for the summer.

Learn how to create this awesome chevron nail art design with the help of a little scotch tape.

3) Less is more with these cute chevron accent nails.

17 Chevron Nails 03

Instagram / @nicolethain_nailtech


4) Matte nails really lets the chevron pattern shine.

17 Chevron Nails - Matte nails really lets the chevron pattern shine.

Instagram / @insigniasalonspa


5) Chevron nail designs that are dizzying in a good way!


6) Chevron nails with hot pink chevron patterns that really get noticed.

17 Chevron Nails - Chevron nails with hot pink chevron patterns that really get noticed.

YouTube / Ane Li

Learn 4 different ways to create chevron nails in this video tutorial.

7) Pink chevron nail design with a subtle pattern.


8) Holographic chevron nail art design.

17 Chevron Nails - Holographic chevron nails.

Instagram / @sonyagocheva


9) Glittery chevron nail designs.

17 Chevron Nails - Glittery chevron nails.

Instagram / @badgirlnails


10) Colorful green glittering chevron nail art design.


11) Glossy black chevron pattern gets the French manicure treatment.

17 Chevron Nails 11

Instagram / @glossnailspa


12) Get a retro-chic French manicure with a chevron pattern.

Try this chevron nail art tutorial for killer chevron nails.

13) Festive holiday chevron nail art.

17 Chevron Nails 13

Instagram / @nancytran82


14) Beautiful watercolor chevron nail designs.


15) Chevron nail art with an interesting rainbow effect.

This style looks great and here is how to create these rainbow chevron nails.

16) Striking white reverse chevron nails.

17 Chevron Nails - Striking white reverse chevron nails.

We Heart It / @daniar5


17) Beautiful pastels look great with these chevron nails.

H/t: Diply

These chevron nail art designs showcase how flexible this nail art design can be. Please share these fabulous chevron nail art designs with your friends and family.

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