16 Dads with Genius Ways of Keeping Their Children Entertained and the Kids Love It.

There are no instruction books for being great dad just like there are none for being a great mom. Most parents will pick it up as they go along and these fathers show us that being a Dad is awesome.

Kids love to play and it’s important for their development and these super dads are perfect role models. Whether they have a son or a daughter, they play along and become whatever their child wants them to be.

1) This father really is Super dad for becoming a makeup model for his daughter.


2) His daughter wanted to be the wolf for Halloween.


3) This little cutie likes her daddy to wear hair bows just like her.


4) Having a daughter-daddy tea party.


5) Happy being daddy’s little girl.


6) Having a day at the beach with his daughter.


7) This father got a little creative with bubble beards for his son. So cute.


8) This dad loves getting his toenails done and his daughter loves it too.


9) Daddy having breakfast time with his daughter.


10) Even with the controllers not plugged in, they’re having a great time video gaming with Daddy.


11) A dad just teaching his kids a lesson.


12) This father knows how to keep his daughter still during a photo shoot.


13) This napping dad also doubles as a playmat.

If you’d like to make this shirt, here’s a tutorial about how to make a race track t-shirt.


14) This daddy doesn’t need to buy weights, he has kids!


15) This father showing his kids how to stay fit. The baby doing pushups is priceless.


16) Even after a long day at work, this father takes time to teach his children on the ride home.

H/t: Bored Panda

I hope these dads and dads like them get a special gift on Father’s Day because they deserve it. Please share these super dads who are heroes to their children with your friends and family.

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