Attention All Shoppers! 15 Items You Can Only Find at Walmart Stores in China

Many people in the US and Canada love shopping at Walmart but what you would find in the same Walmart in China is very different. We might have items that are made in China but I don’t think the following items would be sold in North American stores anytime soon.

1) Crocodiles.

2) Rice in bulk.

3) Open bins filled with various pieces of meat.

4) Orange juice and corn oil sold together.

5) Live turtles and frogs.

6) Walmart branded spirits.

7) Open bins filled with lots of ribs.

8) Dried reptile parts.

9) Liquor boxes.

10) More frogs…how do they not jump out?

11) A large selection of chopsticks.

12) Dried ducks.

13) Hot and spicy beef granules (beef candy?)

14) Pig snouts and faces.

15) Chicken feet.

H/t: imgur

China and North America are very different culturally and I’m sure that items sold at American Walmarts might appear weird to foreigners also. China is also home to one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world!

Please share these store items you’ll only find at Walmarts in China with your friends and family.

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