15 Fat and Furious Burger Creations You Have to See to Believe!

For summer BBQ season, everybody loves a good burger. Most people are surprised to find out that burgers aren’t as unhealthy as most people think and in fact, many burgers have less calories and fat than a Caesar salad!

Fat and Furious Burger is a delicious project by Thomas Weil & Quentin Weisbuch of Studio Furious. They create some of craziest burger creations you will ever see and here are 15 of my favorite Fat and Furious Burgers.

1) Mystery Box Burger

Salmon and bacon with a rice bun. This is one epic sushi roll I would definitely like to try!

2) Jurassic BurgEgg

Which came first? The Fat and Furious Burger or the egg? This steakosaurus burger with melted camembert cheese is one burger I’d love hunting for!

3) Happy Birthger!

Forget birthday cakes. This Happy Birthger is what I want for my next birthday party!

4) Crabzilla

If you like a Fat and Furious Burger that bites back, the Crabzilla burger is for you!

5) Go Green Burger

If you love burgers, you probably wished they grew on trees. It’s a delightful thought and only the Go Green Fat and Furious Burger with grilled tomatoes and zucchini come close.

6) Canicule Burger

A heat wave can only be cooled with a refreshing Canicule Fat and Furious Burger.

7) Yin & Yang

With chicken simmered in coconut milk on one side and grilled Black Angus beef on the other, the Yin & Yang Fat and Furious Burger give you the best of both worlds.

8) Boom Burger

Better eat this Fat and Furious Burger quickly before it goes BOOM!

9) It Girl Burger

Any trend-setting girl needs this It Girl Fat and Furious Burger!

10) The Beerger

Beer and burgers go so well together that the Beerger Fat and Furious Burger aims to bring these flavors together!

11) The Pumpkin Brrrrrger

With shredded carrots and grilled peppers and cheese, the Pumpkin Brrrrrger is a Halloween delight!

12) Heart Breaker Burger

The best thing to cure a heartbreak is enjoying a delicious Heart Breaker Fat and Furious Burger with fresh Albacore tuna.

13) Baby Burger Q

Why didn’t I think of this before? Burgers on a skewer with the Baby Fat and Furious Burger Q!

14) The Brunchger

The Brunchger with eggs, hash browns, bacon, and cheddar cheese is the perfect morning pick-me-up!

15) Happy Cheesy Burger

Nothing beats a cheeseburger and the Happy Cheesy Fat and Furious Burger is a gourmet burger with all the bases covered.

If you’d like to see more delicious burgers, get the Fat and Furious Burger book or visit their website. You’ll probably never find these burgers at your favorite burger joint but the creativity of each of these burgers makes each one a winner. Please share these Fat and Furious Burgers with your friends and family.

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