12 Men Appear on Stage. When They Begin to Sing, Their Performance Leaves the Audience Breathless

You Raise Me Up Sung Brilliantly by the 12 Tenors.

If you ever watched Celine Tam and Jeffrey Li singing ‘You Raise Me Up’ then you know how beautiful yet challenging for even seasoned vocalists. The extremely talented German music group known as ‘The 12 Tenors’ performed the song so beautifully that it left the audience breathless. Once you watch their performance, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is one of the finest covers ever!

‘You Raise Me Up’ was originally composed by Secret Garden in 2002; however, the song has been covered countless times by music artists including Josh Groban. Groban thrusted the song into the spotlight in 2003 when it instantly became a contemporary hit in the United States.

Watch 12 Tenors sing ‘You Raise Me Up’…


This song will always be a classic. Listening to beautiful covers like this one by The 12 Tenors makes it even more beautiful.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “12 Tenors – You Raise Me Up”:

  1. “It was enjoyable hearing another interpretation of this song. It’s amazing what different vocal ranges can do with this song when compared to Josh Groban’s rich baritone voice. I wish I had heard more from the third singer. He so effortlessly hit those final notes. Thanks for posting this!” – Jeffrey Phillips
  2. “In the military, the “at ease” stance is used for a more comfortable relaxed position. It is a natural more comfortable way to stand.” – Charlie B.
  3. “Beautiful interpretation wao.” – Jorge Tavarez
  4. “Never in the field of music as so few had the voices to move so many. Jim” – Patricia Hardman
  6. “Such a beautiful and powerful song. So true of the magnificence of the Lord through Jesus Christ Amen!!!😘” – Cheri Godoy

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