This Mom Wrapped Zip Ties Around the Wheels of Her Baby’s Stroller. Why She Did It Is Pure Genius.

12 Baby Stroller Hacks and Tips for Parents.

Let’s face it, parenting is not an easy job but the more mom hacks we learn along the way, it makes the job a whole lot easier by simplifying routine tasks. Baby strollers have improved considerably over the years but there are still some features we wish they had.

WhatsUpMoms have created awesome stroller hacks to add incredible functionality to your baby stroller. In fact, they even improve some of its current features. In one tip, she wraps zip ties around the stroller wheels for better traction in ice and snow…how great is that?! Here are 12 stroller hacks that every mom will enjoy watching.

Watch these stroller hacks and tips by Mom Hacks…


You spend a lot of time with your stroller and now you can make it even better with these awesome stroller hacks. Please share these handy stroller tips with your friends and family.

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