10 Animals That Turned a Regular Photo Into Something Hilarious. LOL!

Whether we realize it or not, animals have a sense of humor and really love to have their picture taken. Unfortunately, they don’t always cooperate and sometimes their antics turn a serious photo into something that will make you laugh out loud. Just like this little girl that got photobombed by a horse, animal photobombs like these are so funny that you can’t help but laugh.

The following animals in these photos will make you laugh as well because they are too funny. These 10 animal photos are classics and they couldn’t be any cuter. So the next time you are out taking pictures, be on the lookout for these animals that just love to photobomb!

1) Hee-haw! This horse photobomb is hilarious!

10 animal photobombs - Hee-haw!

2) Not a fan of fruit…or animal photobombs. This is what we call a cat-astrophic photobomb.

10 animal photobombs - Not a fan of fruit.

3) Say cheese! I think this adorable llama needs a dentist!

10 animal photobombs - Say cheese!

4) Some cute photos can get a little creepy.

10 animal photobombs - That's a little creepy.

5) This emu is really eyeing the camera! It doesn’t care who’s watching!

10 animal photobombs - This emu is really eyeing the camera!

6) Crashing the penguin party with seal animal photobombs.

10 animal photobombs - Crashing the penguin party.

7) He likes to show off his butt. This one’s a classic and possibly one of the best photobombs of all time!

He likes to show off his butt.

8) I hope you’re enjoying these animal photobombs!

Look At Me Hello GIF by SVT - Find & Share on GIPHY

9) He looks a little worried. Pugs and Corgis are so cute, aren’t they?

He looks a little worried.

10) And last but not least, the ultimate animal photobomb: “He’s right behind me isn’t he?”

"He's right behind me isn't he?"

So there you have it, 10 animals that turned a regular photo into something hilarious. Animal photos are always cute but the animals that are photo bombing these photos are priceless! You just never know when they will make their hilarious appearance! Do you have any funny animal photobombs to share? Post them in the comments below!

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