They Reviewed a $2 Pizza, an $13 Pizza and a $2000 Pizza! Guess Which One They Picked…

"Worth It" Team Reviews New York Pizza Priced at $2, $13, and $2000!

In my opinion, pizza is possible one of the world’s most perfect foods. The pizza as we know it today with a flatbread smothered with tomato sauce is fairly new and was first made in the 18th century. Today, there is every type of pizza imaginable with toppings you would have never imagined on a pizza. BuzzFeed’s Worth It team decided to round up three different pizzas with three very different price points.

As with all “Worth It” videos, they end up choosing which one they feel provides the best bang for your buck. If you missed it, here is when the “Worth It” team reviewed 3 different buffets with prices ranging from $7 to $95! This time, they get to experience a $2 pizza, an $13 pizza and a $2000 pizza!

The first pizza restaurant on the list is Joe’s Pizza in New York, NY. At only $2.75 a slice, this pizza is a bargain but doesn’t skimp on taste.

YouTube / BuzzFeed


Next up is the Rossopomodoro at the Eataly NYC Flatiron. This restaurant is owned by chef extraordinaire Mario Batali and he prepares an authentic “Marinara Pizza” at only $13.

YouTube / BuzzFeed


The final stop is at the Industry Kitchen in the Financial District in New York, NY. Ringing in at $2000 with foie gras, caviar, and 24k gold leaf, it quickly adds up to a food experience that leaves you speechless.

YouTube / BuzzFeed

Watch the “Worth It” team sample 3 different pizzas and see which one they choose as their winner…


You can’t beat a slice of New York pizza and the Worth It team picks a winner and even goes back for more! Please share this yummy review of 3 delicious pizzas with 3 vastly different price points with your friends and family.

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