She Performs a Pirate-Themed Dance Routine with Her Dog and the Crowd Loves It. Then, Simon Does THIS!

Super Collies Hero and his Trainer Sara Carson AGT 2017 Audition.

There are amazing performances on America’s Got Talent but animal tricks are probably some of the most impressive. The amount of training involved is unbelievable. Only people that have actually took the time to train their own dogs can understand the monumental work involved.

Sara Carson is a professional dog trainer from North Bay, Ontario. She has 3 wonderful “Super Collies” named Hero, Marvel, and Loki. During her audition at America’s Got Talent 2017, she and Hero perform a brilliant pirate-themed dance routine.

After her performance, AGT judges Howie Mandel and Mel B. fail to realize the amount of training involved and don’t vote for her to go on; however, Simon Cowell gets up and what he does will warm your heart!

Watch Simon Cowell show amazing heart as he steps in to save a dog trainer and her “Super Collies” during her AGT audition…


Simon is one of toughest judges around. If he is amazed by a performance, it has to be good and this one in particular was awesome. If you’d like to see more amazing performances, please follow Sara Carson and “The Super Collies” on Facebook. Please share this brilliant pirate-themed dance routine with dog trainer Sara Carson and her dog Hero with your friends and family.

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