‘Mary, Did You Know?’ by Pentatonix Will Send Shivers down Your Spine

'Mary Did You Know?' by Pentatonix is Beyond Beautiful.

Originally written in 1984 by Mark Lowry, ‘Mary Did You Know?’ has been covered by many artists over the years. This rendition by Pentatonix is sung a cappella and is one the most touching versions ever.

Each member of Pentatonix lends they amazing vocal range and brings this song to life.

Watch Pentatonix perform ‘Mary, Did You Know?’…


Like ‘Hallelujah‘, ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ has become a contemporary Christmas favorite and this version will undoubtedly become a modern Christmas classic. Please share this beautiful rendition of ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ by Pentatonix with your friends and family.

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