She Stuffed Mason Jars With Pie Dough and Cherries and Made Something Awesomely Delicious

Cherry Pies in Mason Jars Recipe Let's You Have Pie on the Go!

There are thousands of ways to repurpose Mason jars but one unique feature is how they withstand temperature fluctuations and can go from the freezer to a hot oven. Also, they can be great receptacles for baking and they are just the perfect size for single serving desserts with the added bonus of having their own handy lid which makes them perfect for snacks on the go.

Meet the Casserole Queens, Sandy Pollock and Crystal Cook and they are the masterminds behind this ultimate single-serving cherry pie. It is so easy to make and all you need is pie crust, pitted cherries, and wide mouth Mason jars.

Watch how to easily create cherry pies in Mason jars!


There is also a great recipe on their YouTube page called ‘She’s My Cherry Pie (in a Jar)’ in the description part of the page. Please share this awesome recipe for personal cherry pies in Mason jars with your friends and family.

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