8 Talented Dancers Form a Line and Dance to One of Ed Sheeran’s Latest Hits

Irish Dancers Step Dance to Ed Sheeran's Hit Shape of You.

There is just something about Irish step dancing that makes you want to get up and dance along too. These talented girls from the Hession School of Irish Dance accepted a challenge from Ed Sheeran and they are amazing.

Ed Sheeran made the call out in an interview with Eoghan McDermott of 2FM, an Irish radio station. He expressed interest in shooting a video in Ireland and saying, “I’ll need céilí dancers,” for his next video for ‘Galway Girls.’

Interestingly, Ed Sheeran’s grandparents hailed from Ireland and Sheeran is no stranger to the beautiful country of Ireland. The talented group of Irish dancers get together to step dance to his hit single, “Shape of You” and their performance will leave you breathless.

Watch Irish dancers step for Ed Sheeran…


Their performance is truly impressive and they couldn’t have picked a better location than the Claddagh area in the heart of Galway. Please share this impressive performance by Irish dancers performing to Ed Sheeran’s hit ‘Shape of You’ with your friends and family.

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