This Baby Is Trying to Say ‘Mama’ but What the Dog Does Next Left Me Speechless

Family Dog Says the Word 'Mama' for a Bite of Mom's Dinner.

Parents love to see their children learn to crawl, take their first steps, and hear their first words and every step along the way brings joy. When this family tries to get their baby to say the words ‘Mama’ by enticing him with food, the family dog wants to enter this competition!

When it comes to saying the word ‘Mama’, the dog thinks he can win this and what he does will leave you stitches. It’s incredibly funny and even the baby doesn’t like what he is hearing and swats the dog with jealousy! Too funny!

Watch this hilarious moment when a dog says ‘mama’ before the baby…


You snooze, you lose and this dog definitely deserves a juicy steak! Please share this adorable video of dog stealing this little boy’s thunder with your friends and family.

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