Doctors Said She Didn’t Have Cancer but She Listened to Her Dog Instead and It Saved Her Life

Dogs are said to be a human’s best friend and in this case, he was a life-saving best friend. Maureen Burns noticed her dog Max was unusually sad and she prepared for the worst as he always was full of life.

She noticed that every time he came close to her, he would sniff her chest and had a sad look in his eyes. He would then walk away sadly and Maureen knew something was wrong with her, not her dog. Her CT scans and mammograms came back negative but she wasn’t satisfied with the test results and wanted to get a surgical biopsy. Watch how paying attention to her dog’s behavior helped save her life.


Let’s hope that more research is done so that dogs could be used to help find cancers before expensive medical equipment can. Please share this cancer survival story with everyone you love.

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