This Is Thor, a Gorgeous Bengal Cat With Purrfect Markings Colored by Nature

If you’re a cat lover, you probably wish you could adopt a baby leopard or tiger because they are incredibly beautiful. While doing so is lawful in some states, it impractical for most people because they are wild animals and dangerous as adults.

The next best thing is a Bengal cat. A gorgeous cat breed developed to have the same spots and fur as exotic cats but with a calm temperament like any other domestic cat. Though some Bengals do have “wild” behaviors and can be a lot to handle, Thor is a perfect example of how good-natured most Bengal cats really are. Also, Thor is so cute you’ll fall in love with his hypnotizing good looks.

Meet Thor, a Bengal cat with model good looks.

Facebook / Thor the Bengal


Everything about him is perfect including is piercing green eyes.

Facebook / Thor the Bengal


But Thor’s claim to fame has to be his beautiful spotted fur.

Facebook / Thor the Bengal


He is one of the cutest cats, ever.

Facebook / Thor the Bengal


Thor loves watching Netflix with his big brother.

Facebook / Thor the Bengal


And when he’s not watching a movie, he loves a belly rub.

Facebook / Thor the Bengal


Thor loves exploring the neighborhood, going for walks, and meeting new friends.

Facebook / Thor the Bengal


Nothing like spending a beautiful day outside with his human.

Facebook / Thor the Bengal


Thor’s owner, Rani Cucicov, fell in love with him when she spotted him at a cattery in the Netherlands in 2013.

Facebook / Thor the Bengal


How could you say no to this face? I think Thor wants some shrimp, his favorite food.

Facebook / Thor the Bengal


I personally can’t wait to see more photos of Thor and be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram!

Facebook / Thor the Bengal

Thor’s good looks is making him very popular on social media so please follow him on Facebook and Instagram! Please share these adorable photos of Thor the Bengal cat with your friends and family.

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