20 Metallic Nails That Will Make You Shine Like the Star You Are

You can never go wrong with striped nails or even minimalistic designs but if there is one shade that gets noticed, it is definitely metallic polishes.

If you’re looking for nails that will keep you looking dazzling the entire day or night, check out these 20 metallic nail art designs.


20 Metallic Nails -

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2) Add some fun to a French manicure with metallic finishes.

20 Metallic Nails -

Flickr / Taiane Manhães


3) Another great tip on the French manicure with silver metallic polish.

20 Metallic Nails -

Tumblr / goodnightverona


4) Looking wild with a metallic zebra pattern.


5) Black nails with a touch of elegance.

20 Metallic Nails -

Tumblr / friedasophiejewelry


6) Silver and gold never looked better.


7) Reflect your personality with mirror nail polish.


8) Black glossy nails with shimmering silver.


9) Metallic nails look so great your man won’t know what hit him.

20 Metallic Nails -

Jed Root / Sheril Bailey



20 Metallic Nails -

Etsy / shabbyshopmemories


11) Matte and glossy French nails with striping tape.


12) Elegant gold metallic nails.

20 Metallic Nails -

Fotopoisk / Anastasia Korund


13) Silver nails look great with your favorite little black dress.



20 Metallic Nails -

Buzznet / Callina Marie


15) Extremely sexy metallic stiletto nails.

20 Metallic Nails -

DeviantArt / Ira-she


16) Striking gold nails with tons of bling.


17) Disco ball inspired nails.


18) Shimmering iridescent nails.

20 Metallic Nails -

YouTube / HelloMaphie

These are worth the effort and look awesome. Recreate this super popular “Iridescent Pink Manicure” with this video tutorial.


19) Mirrored nail wraps for ultimate shiny nails.

Learn how to apply mirrored nail wraps with this easy tutorial.



20 Metallic Nails -

Source Unknown

H/t: Diply

Silver and gold never goes out of style and neither does these shimmering nail art designs. Please share these 20 metallic nail art designs with your friends and family.

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